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In order to provide an excellent service, I serve only two types of clients. future brides with a specific vision, and Equestrians.  

Your photography experience with me is as important as the final product. So I've created two experiences online to help walk you through the process.

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I am so excited you are here!  Everything I offer in my services is because at some point in my life, it has also been important to me.

I'm extremely passionate about equine photography because, I to, am a rider.   

 I am passionate about weddings, especially small intimate ones, because my wedding was intimate, personal to us, small, and held on a glacier in Alaska.

 And I am passionate about helping businesses owned by equestrians, because well, Katrina Leigh Photography is one.   

Take a look around, and and I am so excited to meet you soon!

Texas equine & Wedding photographer


Austin Wedding Photographer | Texas Equine Photographer

- Katrina



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Girl I am SOOOO glad you are here! Congratulations on your engagement to your special person!  Cherish this season, it will fly by!
I absolutely ADORE weddings. But not just any wedding. Weddings of joyful, adventurous couples who want to make their day personal to them in every way possible.
This day is the start of the rest of your life together. So capturing all these emotional and raw memories of your story is a personal mission of mine.  The images captured on your wedding day is the second most important take away of your wedding day.

Let me tell you why!

Ahhhhh, horse lover, you're in the right place!!! 

These animals make our life come full circle more often than not. Making our hearts bigger, fuller, and on fire with a passion unmatched my much else. Sadly, our horses seem to bless our lives for but a blink of an eye. Only a snapshot of our lives.

As an avid equestrian myself, horses have infiltrated every aspect of my life and heart. I've felt the heartache, and found comfort from that smell we all know too well.  

One of the best way's I have found to honor our horses and to bless their seasons with us it to freeze that time, turning it into art with photography.

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