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Texas Beach Destination Wedding | Jamaica Beach

March 3, 2020

This little trip down to Texas was a breath of fresh air. Family. Love. Celebration. Palm trees and the warm saltwater breeze. As my Husband and I drove from Houston to this adorable beach community I couldn’t help but admire the ocean life. Something about it just speaks to me.

Lisa and Clay wanted their wedding close to home, which is now an adorable house on the canal’s of Jamaica Beach. With a perfect deck and garage built for parties this backyard wedding was joyful and intimate. It was about the marriage between two people, not all the fluff of a wedding. It was a wedding stripped down to what matters.

I had a couple different perspectives of this wedding day – as a daughter-in-law of the bride, and as the day’s official photographer my placeholder in this wedding was a bit different than my normal day job. But I am so proud to say I am apart of this family.

As with every wedding day, it starts with the details. These two newlyweds chose a unique rings to publicly display their marriage. A black Diamond paired with black and Sterling Silver rings brings simplicity and elegance.

And of course, the beach feel had to be brought in to all the different aspects of their day. From the cake, to simple table centerpieces.

And this cake, holy cow was it amazing. Not only the artistry, but all the different flavors: Chocolate, lemon, and raspberry/blueberry. Hello YUM!!!!

Unfortunate life events happened right before the wedding and the makeup and hair artist had to leave a day before. But here’s the thing about family; everyone rallies! Lisa’s Niece took over makeup, and her daughter and step daughter-in-law tag teamed with hair so when Lisa walked down the aisle she felt and looked like a princess.

I’ve heard from other parents that your children are the world to you, and when you get married you want the most important people with you to stand at your side. Lisa and Clay invited their children to take the most important spots in their wedding. To top it off, Lisa’s two sons walked her down the aisle.

The seagulls even decided to make an appearance and snack on the flower petals laid on the sand aisle!


As a symbol of their marriage and commitment, Lisa and Clay also performed a unity sand ceremony. Another special touch to their beach wedding!

This unique wedding definitely hit the jackpot when it came to beach feels and personal touches. The sun was warm and the wind was minimal. Literally the perfect day for a wedding.

Lisa and Clay’s choice of food hit the spot. Delicious sandwich’s and burgers with vegetable skewers. Perfect for all the guests as everyone socialized, laughed and enjoyed the beautiful afternoon.

Lisa and Clay shared a sweet sweet first dance in their driveway with all their friends watching. Before we knew it the crowd had their arms linked and were swaying back and forth with the bride and groom.

Now to that cake we were talking about before. Lisa’s mom and sister helped cut and distribute the cake and it looked like they were all having a blast. Let’s just say that cake was even tastier than it looked!

To finish off the evening we went to the beach for some quick portraits of the newlyweds. The sun peaked out of the clouds at just the right time to give that perfect golden glow before the night slipped away.

Wishing many amazing years to this new marriage!


Food: Way West Pizzeria & Grill Cake: Kathy White Makeup: Paige Reeves Hair: Courtney Bell and Mia Rankin Jeweler: AX Jewelry + DazzlingRock Collection Florist: Knapp Flower Shop

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