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Intimate Family Wedding | Gavin & Allison

April 27, 2020

Usually I try to keep blogs below 500 words. Easy to read, quick and simple. Showcasing the day through images. But when I think about this wedding so many things come to mind. It was packed full of personal touches, surprises, and lots of happy tears.  And 500 words didn’t do this wedding justice. So sit back, grab a glass of your favorite drink and enjoy the beauty of little details.

Before this wedding, every plan seemed to shift. From hiccups with my own flights, to canceled venues, and not being able to retrieve their rings from the jeweler, these two newlyweds took it all in stride and God made this wedding an incredible showcase of his provision.  And becoming more perfect than anyone ever imagined.

Gavin and Allison met on Christian Mingle. Briefly chatting then called apart.  Then met again about 8 months later on eHarmony, and decided to meet in person.  After their first date, Allison called her best friend to tell her “He’s the one!”.

Throughout their dating season they continued to talk on the phone long distance for hours on end, meeting up on the weekends, and some short time during the week. Lots of miles put on their car, with so much to show for it now.

Remember this detail for later: Their first date involved pineapples and a motorcycle.

Gavin and Allison had their wedding at the Alger farm, Gavin’s childhood home – a little slice of heaven in beautiful Saratoga Springs, NY. Where they also run their family cracker business (You NEED to try these, they are the bomb!).


Since they were not able to pick up their rings from the jeweler, Gavin took the opportunity to make their exchange of rings extremely special.  He made them both a wooden wedding band as a placeholder to exchange.

Allison put together her bouquets and decorations, keeping things extremely classy with eucalyptus, hydrangeas and candles.  Which complimented just perfectly.

Before their big ceremony begun, these two spent a few minutes talking on the phone and praying over their new future marriage, and thanking God for all his blessings.

Both Gavin and Allison have a love for The office, rain and thunderstorms. But luckily no rain or thunderstorms on their wedding day.   Cloudy skies and rain did close in on both sides of the week as their day approached – but faithfully we continued, and the second this bride stepped out of the house to get in position, the clouds cleared and blue sky with the sunshine shone down on this memorable day.  Allison walked down the aisle to an original song recorded by her “Best Human” and sister, Emily.

Throughout their relationship they have a habit of taking something as a reminder of the occasion, and all those items now sit on a windowsill in their new home.  Allison did not want to let this day slip by without continuing the tradition – so she took advantage of her vows to find two rocks as a keepsake from the very place they stood.


On Allison and Gavin’s first date, she brought him Pineapple for his birthday!  And no owner of a motorcycle lets an opportunity to ride on a beautiful day go by – so he also took out his prized motorcycle, on his birthday, to meet his future wife.  As Allison left their date Gavin was found with his feet on the handlebars, munching on the delicious pineapple in the fresh air. The night before the wedding, it was decided to wear pineapple socks.

This happy couple also love nature, walks in the woods, afternoon naps and sunshine.  All of which took place and were incorporated in the wedding. INCLUDING naps in the sunshine after lunch!

Growing up, Disney Pixar’s Toy Story was one of their favorite movies, so Gavin and Allison chose “You’ve got a friend in me”  as their first dance. Bringing tears and many smiles to their family members.

Throughout the afternoon, and on into the evening after the big sendoff – there was lots of dancing and sweet moments!

Their meal was catered by the one and only Chipotle, and their cake was put together by Gavin’s mother Teresa, with the topper with doves being the one Teresa and Ron had on their own wedding cake.

These two have an amazing sense of humor and skip through life with smiles on their faces.  With many inside jokes, playful games, and lots of embracing the weird.  Every part of their wedding was filled with an emotion and joyful celebration.

In their pre-wedding couples questionnaire answered the question “How do you want your wedding day to feel?” with this…

“Relaxed; Joyous, Beautiful; Filled with

love and glory to God; (or how Gavin say’s…Magic.)”

Everything about this wedding emulated those words perfectly.  Congratulations Gavin and Allison!

  1. Yvette Gallacchi says:

    Such a beautiful way to celebrate. Congratulations to the beautiful couple.

  2. Grammy &Grandpa says:

    Beautiful pictures and script.
    These are very special memories, and two very special young people. GOD BLESS YOU BOTH!
    …Thank you!…

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