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Romantic Engagement in North Georgia

July 29, 2020

A few weeks ago I got away from the west for a little bit to visit these two amazing people and celebrate their engagement – their way!

Molly is one of my best friends,  a determined, motivated and incredibly talented women and her future husband is perfect for her! We made this session incredibly unique to them in Brandon’s home state.

Brandon and Molly met online in upstate NY after Molly wrote a book about what she was looking for in a partner, Brandon liked what he saw, and they spent their first date asking as many questions as possible.   Shortly after during their date Molly realized Brandon had never experienced a snowstorm before – because while they were sitting eating their Chipotle, Brandon asked why they were mowing snow!

Now – fast forward six months later and they are on their way to becoming Husband and Wife!

Molly, Brandon and I hiked a couple miles back in the GA wilderness to find some mountain creeks to fish, and some waterfalls to dip in.

Brandon loves fly fishing with a passion so we incorporated this into our session! From Fly’s on their hat’s, to a fish on the end of a line!


Documenting this time in a unique to them way was extremely important for Molly and Brandon.  They plan to get married next fall in upstate New York.  Congratulations you two!! I am so excited to see what your future holds together!


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