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Robyn & Roxy: Boise, Idaho Equine Photography

August 12, 2021

Robyn and I met last fall in passing at one of the barns I worked at.  Low and behold (small world) not long after I ran into her at another barn where she boards Roxy and totally did not recognize her. #embarrassingmoment we can now look back on and laugh!  I believe I even introduced myself again and everything!   Looking back I find this so hilarious because Robyn’s smile and voice is one of those that always brings joy and is so recognizable.  Since then, I know her car, as well as know her voice from across the barn, and have greatly enjoyed getting to know her and her horse more. I have a feeling this developing a friendship will last a lifetime!


Robyn is also a fellow talented photographer with a growing business, and helped me shoot a horse show back in July, 2021.  Her joyful smile, and ability to serve was very much appreciated by my clients and I loved having her on the team.   Roxy is 18 years old and her and Robyn have been partners for many years!

The smoke was SOOOO BAD during this session, and we lost the sun a lot sooner than anticipated.  But with some snacks to hold Roxy over and keep her mood engaged, we all had so much fun!

Enjoy these golden hour photos of Robyn & Roxy!

One of my favorite images is this one right here. With Roxy’s mouth full of grass and Robyn and I laughing over her attempt to get on bareback. This smile is so contagious!




This session took place at Hidden Valley Ranch in Boise, ID.

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