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If you're on this page, it means you booked an incredibly memorable experience for you and your horse! 
I've tried to include as much as possible on this page to prep you for your session, but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. 

- Katrina

Preparing For your Session

For you

For your horse

Things to bring

Day Of Checklist

- Choose 3 different outfits to bring to your session.  I recommend at least one dress, and one more "casual night out on the town" outfit. But remember to BE YOU!  The most important thing is your are comfortable and feel beautiful in what you decide to wear.     Feel free to send pictures to me beforehand!    Stay with soft, neutral colors if possible, this helps all the focus to be on YOU and your HORSE!

Here are some questions to help you decide.  
Q: Imagine you are jogging out at the Kentucky Horse Park, ready to run your first 4* Event. 
Q: You're going to a New Years banquet, what would you wear?
Q: It's a holiday or special event at church, what would you grab out of your closet?

- Formal floor length dress: You will not regret this. Paired with a beautifully groomed horse with your show bridle, this option will leave you with absolutely stunning, head turning images!

- Knee length dress: This choice will make your images look extremely classy. I always love this option! Especially paired with a small jacket and/or scarf!

- Nice, Clean Breeches, with a Show Shirt and your Tall Boots: A classic, timeless look for all equestrians. Try to coordinate your clothing with some added color if you are going to wear some white. I.e. Tan breeches/white shirt, White breeches/colored shirt. If you want help choosing - Please message me! I can also help coordinate colors with your horse. Make sure to grab your nice belt too!

- Dressy blouse with jeans or pants: This is also very classic and timeless. Whether you wear skinny jeans and heels, or boot cuts with your cowboy boots, this look will always be in style. Stay away from leggings or athletic wear!

- Dressy blouse with a skirt: This is another one of my favorites! Full length or shorter, skirts add a fun but classy feel.

*Stay away from graphics and messages on shirts and jackets. Unless you want your business or barn logo in some of the images!

*Layers are always good. So feel free to layer with scarves and a jacket, we can always rotate to change the look!

I always recommend turning out your horse as close to show ready as possible. This helps make your pictures look incredibly professional, crisp, and clean and you will cherish them for years to come!!  If they are winter photo's, don't fret! As long as your horse is well groomed, they will look amazing! 
Here are my quick suggestions for your equines!

- Braid your horses mane &/or Tail! 
- If you decide not to braid, make sure your horses tail is freshly brushed and has detangler or shine in it!
- Bring your best bridle and Halter to your session
- Make sure your horses white areas are white!   
- If you plan to use a saddle during our session, we will start without one and add it later!

- Your Horses Favorite Treats 
- A main/tail brush
- A finishing brush to take care of stubborn dirt particles!
- Hoof Polish if you have it
- Show Sheen or equivalent for mane's and tails
- A clip on lead rope
- A cloth to wipe away horse slobber!

- Water for you
- Hairbrush for you
- Couple extra hair ties or bobby Pins
- An Assistant if possible!

Hair & Makeup done
Outfits packed in car

Tack Cleaned
Horse groomed
Horse Braided
Hooves Oiled

- Spend a little extra time doing your hair. I know turning out our horses are usually more important, but just a few curls or a half up half down look will look stunning! You are investing a lot of time and money in this session, so make sure you love the way your own hair is done!

- Because the camera is not as good as our eyes, you can put on a little more makeup than normal if you'd like. I personally add a little more mascara to accentuate the eyes and then leave the rest. But it is completely up to you!  

Taking all of this into account, make sure you still feel like YOU!!! When you are planning what to wear, think of it as a special occasion, these images are yours to cherish for a lifetime - so make sure you feel comfortable and classy in what you are wearing!

At home

What to wear

At the barn

Hair & Makeup