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I am determined to change show photography as you know it now.  For years show photography has been all about the highlight moments.  As a competitor myself, I know the feeling of wishing you had that hug, smile, or the best parts of my horse captured not only IN the show ring, but OUTSIDE it.  I don't always want an image that is the exact same moment as everyone else. I want it to be unique to us as a team. 

Horse Show Photography should capture the highlights, but should also be MORE than.  It should document your experience, and bring you back to the feeling you had showing, not just a specific highlight moment. 

 Because I am also a competitor, I know what shots I want. And I structure the way I shoot around capturing those memories for my clients.

At LES BOIS spring show, I will strive to capture not only the highlight moments of your rides, but also the the moments before/after. 

It is my honor, and I am SO EXCITED to celebrate dressage with all of you!

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