I am so excited to tell you more about myself, so I can hopefully get to know you too!!  Everything I offer in my services is because at some point in my life, it has also been important to me. I'm extremely passionate about equine photography because, I to, am a rider.   
This background photo is me riding around Rebecca Farms in 2020.  I am passionate about weddings, especially small intimate ones, because my wedding was intimate, personal to us, small, and held on a glacier in Alaska.  And I am passionate about helping businesses owned by equestrians, because well,  Katrina Leigh Photography is one.   

Take a look around, and and I am so excited to meet you soon!

- Katrina

Katrina in a nutshell

Things I love:

Favorite TV show:

guilty pleasure:

Favorite food:

Weird quirk:

Random fact:

Cold Stone Oreo Overload  

Criminal Minds and This is Us 

Beaches, Sunsets, my hubby

Sushi, Taco's and Chick-fil-a

I scream like a little girl when I see horses

I got married in Alaska

For the record, I never thought photography would be a career for me.  In high school I had my hopes and dreams set on being a horse trainer...But life has a way of showing you what you need in your life.  I love photography because for me, it's a way to connect, be creative, and have a positive impact on my clients lives, whether you are a couple, or an equestrian.  When you hire me as your photographer, your experience becomes personal to me.  I take my career very seriously, but in a fun way!!! I want to make sure your day is a blast. You get me, in all my glory, weirdness and silliness included, and trust me, I will make sure your experience is lighthearted, joyful and fun!! 

Ice cream, sunsets, stars, and mountains are some some things that take my breath away.  I grew up on a ranch in Bozeman, MT. Spending most of my time riding or working with my horses and spending time outside.  Being homeschooled through high school allowed me time to pursue things that meant a lot to me, which meant I trained for spartan races,  hiked, started my photography business in 2017, and pursued many other outdoor interests.  I now have extensive experience with Dressage, Natural Horsemanship, Liberty Training, and Eventing through horses, and being an equestrian will always be my sport of choice.

I am an Enneagram 7,  ENFP, and a total social butterfly.  My husband Levi is on the more introverted side, and tones down my crazy.  That's what husbands are supposed to do right?!  We love watching murder mysteries and comedies together during our evenings (Criminal minds and now "This is Us" are on the top of the list), running, and playing with our two dogs (for the record he still doesn't know I married him because of his dog...be sure to scroll down. She's SOOOO CUUUTE!!!).   Anywaaaaay, Scroll down to learn more about me and my family!  

Here are some of my favorite moments from life...

my family!

Alli - "Alli Cat"



Josie - "Snugs"

Intruder Alert system, loyal sidekick, seasoned traveler, favorite snack = Carrots

Daydreamer, photographer, Adventure seaker.

The better driver, homebody,  lover of peanut butter, proud alaskan.

Foot warmer, professional snuggler, owner of the super sniffer, toy hog, the matchmaker