Branding Photography

Your online presence is extremely important as a small business owner, and in order to have a strong and unique online presence, you MUST have good photos! 

"Katrina was able to bring my vision of a horse feed/supplement blog to life! She immediately understood my idea and created the perfect images for my business website."

- Natalie Sullivan
(On Course Equine Nutrition)

Exclusive Branding Collections starting at >>  $3,200

 Product Photography starting at >> $350

 Branding Basics Collections starting at >> $1,100


Because this is your future. The importance of your online or visual presence can make or break sales. Because our culture has shifted to such a visual consumer's demographic, branding photography for your business has never been more important. It's a powerful tool that transports your potential clients into a world where they can imagine themselves working with you, even without meeting first.
High quality photography turns YOUR backyard side hustle into the brand of your dreams.

The right visual branding attracts the right people.  I work exclusively with equestrian owned and equine based businesses.  I know what your target market want to see, what your ideal clients want to look at on social media, and the demographic you are trying to reach.  This give both you and I a leg up in creating an awesome branding experience for you and your clients. 

I am all about keeping things affordable because I know how important branding photography is for your business. So I want to make sure you keep a few things in mind while you choose a branding photographer! First, I do offer payment plans for small businesses. 

And second, your branding photography investment will last forever. This is not a one and done thing. You can reuse, re-apply, and use branding photography everywhere where your business needs a visual representation.  

What's even better, is your branding photography IS tax deductible.  Your dream is worth the investment - as well as the tax write offs.

The Investment

Why should I book you?

It's Tax deductible....

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Why should I invest in brnading?

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Branding Basics Collections come with everything you will need to up-level the face of your business!

- Vision Session 
- Headshot
- Website & Facebook Headers
- Website Content
- and more...

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Exclusive Branding Collections come with everything you will need to revamp, up-level, and give you everything you need to run your business in our online world!

- Multiple Vision Sessions
- Headshots
- Website & Facebook Headers
- Website Images & Design coaching
- Social Media Images & Content Guides
- Business Card Design
- Facebook Header Design
- Business coaching with expert in the field
- and more...

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Product Photography give you everything you need to create online stores, share your products with your social media following, current, and future clients.

- Vision Session 
- Social Media Images
- Website & Store Content
- and more...

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